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Women squirm at the thought of using public washrooms that are mostly breeding ground for germs. In reality germs are never seen with naked eyes. Washrooms are mostly referred to as a playground for harmful bacteria responsible for infections and diseases.

So the best precaution to all these problems is Seat Seff Toilet Seat Sanitizer. It kills 99.9% germs in seconds and leaves a refreshing odour too. A handy and easy-to-carry sanitizer lets all women feel confident wherever they use a public washroom.
Seat Seff also deodorizes every toilet seat, ensuring freshness like a first time usage. Seat Seff Sanitizers can be used to sanitize Toilet Seats, Toilet Tops, Flush Knobs, Faucets, Taps and Door Knobs etc.

How to Use

1. Spray on the
toilet seat.

2. Wait for 5

3. Ready
to use.

What they say

Seat Seff made my experience so hygienic
after shopping washroom.

UTI’s are dangerous,
Seat Seff made me feel safe.

After Seat Seff it didn’t feel
risky in any way.

Unhygienic washrooms, Difficult to use

Public washrooms at offices, malls, restaurants looks clean but are dangerous to use.
Most restrooms are seats of germs leading to infections which are very painful and
embarrassing for women.

Girls cave in every time they want to go to a public washroom. The fear of contracting STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) from any public washroom has more to harm than the fear of the infections. The unusual anxiety of not using a public washroom is a common psychological problem for out-of-home women’s.

Lack of supplies, puddles on the floors and foul odours are all signs of improper maintenance and dangerous to use washrooms. A healthy sanitizing solution is necessary to be kept handy every time you step out.

The knowledge of proper sanitizing can even protect you from unsavory public restrooms. Make every visit to a public washroom healthy, comfortable and germ free. Its freshness and hygiene never lets a woman step out without using a Seat Seff Sanitizer.

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